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Hands of Hope Resource Center provides free and confidential services to residents of Morrison County and Todd County affected by crime and abuse. A staff member or trained volunteer can be reached at any time of the day via our 24-hour crisis line:

          320-632-4878 or 888-454-4878 (Morrison County)
          800-682-4547 (Todd County)

These services are also available:

  • Short-term emergency safe housing for victims of domestic violence

  • Coordination of long term housing with shelters

  • Safety Planning

  • Assistance filing Orders for Protection (OFP)

  • Assistance filing Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO)

  • Support during emergency room visits and related medical procedures

  • Ongoing support counseling and support groups

    • Contact Connie at (320) 732-2319 to learn more about our virtual support group​

  • Support during law enforcement interviews, criminal investigations and court proceedings

  • Communication with prosecutors to track court cases, hearings and other court proceedings for clients

  • Notification of offender release and accessing VINE (Victim Notification Everyday) and Minnesota Choice

  • Assistance with enrollment in the SAFE AT HOME program, which is is designed to help people who fear for their safety maintain a  confidential address. Many times program participants are survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or people with professional safety concerns.

  • Legal assistance referrals to legal aid and private attorneys If you have faced financial losses as a result of crime or abuse, our staff can assist clients complete the necessary forms to receive financial assistance through:

       *Reparations is a government funded program specifically for crime 

       *Restitution is a court ordered monetary reimbursement from the

       *Emergency Funds Our agency has secured private donations and grants           to specifically assist clients facing crisis and financial barriers to maintain           or attain financial independence from abusers.

  • NEW: If you are receiving mental health counseling relevant to your crime and abuse (or wish to do so), reach out to your advocate. We may be able to assist with the cost associated with this. (This service funded in part through Sourcewell Community Match Funds.)

(Click here to view our Data Privacy and Client Rights Form.)

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