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Violence Prevention Program

Hands of Hope Resource Center, through their Violence Prevention Program (VPP), provides educational presentations in the communities of Todd and Morrison Counties. The purpose of the VPP is two-fold: 1) to provide education as a means of violence prevention, and 2) to provide information on services available as a form of early intervention for anyone who has already experienced victimization.


Education presentations have been developed for pre-school children that focus on safe touches. This presentation is ideal for children in pre-school, daycare, Head Start and early childhood classes.


For school-aged children, there are a variety of presentations including but not limited to: sexual harassment, sexting, cyberbullying, domestic violence in the home, healthy relationships, and teen dating violence. Each presentation has an educational component as well as a services information piece. Students are given time to ask questions, and each student is surveyed about what they learned as well as how their behavior will change after hearing the presentation. On several occasions following presentations, students have disclosed victimization and support services were put in place.  Presentations range in size from small groups to lyceum-size with full student body.  Presentations can be developed based on an individual school’s needs as well.


VPP also provides other presentations to civic groups, churches, senior centers, businesses, and other groups as requested on topics relevant to domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and general crime (which includes fraud and identity theft).


VPP utilizes local resources to collaborate on community presentations when available and appropriate.

Please contact us at (320) 632-1657 for more information or to schedule a presentation in Morrison County and (320) 732-2319 for more information or to schedule a presentation in Todd County.

Funded in part by: United Way of Morrison County and Sourcewell.


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